Unidentified circle of Towne
  • Mountain Landscape
No date
Pen and ink, monochrome washes
  • image height 197mm,
  • image width 147mm
Object Type
Monochrome wash

Catalogue Number
Description Sources
Lonard Duke catalogue


Acquired by Yvonne Ffrench (fl.1933–68) from a picture dealer in East Angla. She presumably sold it to John Pearce Higgins, whose widow sold it in July 1960 to Leonard Duke (1889–1971; D.3629), whereafter it is untraced.

Associated People & Organisations

Leonard Duke (1889 - 1971), July 1960, D.3629
J. Pierce Higgins
Yvonne Ffrench (fl.1933 - 1968)


This seems to be part of the same group from which FT879 and FT879a originate. In his manuscript catalogue Leonard Duke wrote:

D.3629. Mountain Landscape. Water colour. 7¾ x 5⅞ (sight). An almost monochrome dramatic drawing of a single high hill in background with a great shaft of light coming from behind a black cloud from left to right. I bought this drawing from the widow of my friend John Pearce Higgins, July 1960, for 10. He called it J. White Abbott, but Jim Byam Shaw of Colnaghi’s thinks, and I agree, that it is probably by Towne. It is, I think, from a group of drawings, one of which is dated 1786, which Yvonne French bought from a dealer in East Anglia as by Towne. 

In the margin Duke changes his mind, noting: “I think by Warwick Smith.”1 Perhaps Duke had misremembered the date of 1786 and was, in fact, describing FT879a, dated 1788.

by Richard Stephens


  1. 1 Duke’s catalogue is in the library of the Department of Prints and Drawings, British Museum.

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