Francis Towne (1739 - 1816)
  • Powderham Castle
ca. 1770 - 1780
Pen and brown ink, watercolour
  • image width 146mm,
  • image length 295mm
paper with a vertical crease down the centre, watermarked with an encircled "GR" below a crown
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Information at Christie's, London


Untraced until acquired by Spink & Son on 17 June 1976. It was on sale at Spink’s 1977 exhibition and they sold it at Christie’s on 18 June 1980, lot 69, for £418.75 to a UK private collector. Given the coincidence of subject, the drawing catalogued here may well be BP222, which the Barton Place catalogue called House-Powderham and which Judith Merivale attempted to sell in the late 1930s but which was returned to her unsold in October 1939. BP222 was probably the drawing on sale at Squire Gallery in 1938.

Associated People & Organisations

Christie's, London
John Herman Merivale (1779 - 1844)
Judith Ann Merivale (1860 - 1945)
Maria Sophia Merivale (1853 - 1928)
Spink & Son, London
Squire Gallery
James White (1744 - 1825)
Exhibition History
[?] Annual Water Colour Exhibition 1926, The Judge's Lodgings, Winchester, 1926, no. 121 as 'Powderham'
[?] Exhibition of Watercolours and Drawings from Francis Barlow to Henry Tonks, Squire Gallery, London, 1938, no. no.12, as 'From Powderham Park'
English Watercolour Drawings, Spink & Son, London, 1977, no. no.22, as 'A View of Powderham Castle, Devon, From the Park.'


This is a view looking broadly south-west, at right angles to the view in FT043. The paper and composition—with its large sky, winding paths, and distant subject—mark this as probably a drawing of the 1770s, perhaps a study for an oil painting.


by Richard Stephens

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